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Izen Electronics Group
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Izen Electronics Group
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Izen Electronics Group
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Izen Electronics Group
Cell: 09871012229
Phone: 011-27030777
Email: info@xylemro.com

Group's Legacy - Growth

Izen Electronics GroupXYLEM RO SOLUTIONS is the subsidiary of Two decade Old Group "lzen electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd.".

The group companies have their own manufacturing facilities as well & units all across Delhi NCR & distribution channel - all across India & abroad.

Home appliances & electronic products - both domestic & industrial are part of group's product categories.

lzen group product categories:
• icon inverters
• icon Online UPS
• icon Offline UPS
• iten Batteries
• Battery Chargers
• Tubular Bags
• Vent Plugs

Core Values and Key Cultural Indicators:
Honesty and integrity
Respect for and commitment to our people
Open, honest and timely communication
Commitments to and involvement in communities we do business
Environmental stewardship
We will achieve long term profitability and growth

Customers and Users:
• We believe in earning the enduring goodwill of our customers and other users of our products and services.

Our Dealers - our Partners:
• We believe the fundamental vitality and strength of our company lies in our people

Kindly contact us for details regarding Models, Rates, Business module.